Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Worry not

The sun rises each day and feeds the earth its sunlight.

The wind blows and reminds the earth with invisible touch of it’s own existence.

Babies are formed in the womb delicately, silently and sacredly before birth.

Roots dig into the ground and stems climb towards the sky.

The sun never says to the earth ‘you owe me’.

The wind never stops caressing our skins.

The womb doesn’t delegate tasks to the fetus.

Roots know to grow downwards and allow the stem to grow upwards.

Worry not, for the sun will shine and you won’t need to pay.

The wind does not discriminate and will surely blow your way.

Babies don’t panic over the placement of their limbs,

Babies will just be…

An organism without a brain acknowledges its order: “roots grow down and stems grow up”

No one influences these actions… they just are…

Life is a successful adventure.

Worry not, for you are already a part of it.

If you can allow yourself to be created into being, from nothing in the period of nine months why worry over the events yet to transpire?

You are the miracle, it’s already done.