Monday, August 15, 2011

Currency Knowledge for divas in College

By: Charlotte Makala

This article is dedicated to college girls who’ll need that extra buck or two at the end of the month. It’s important that girl out there makes the most of their higher education, but not at the expense of their finances. Here are some tips for the college freshmen on saving. (16 tips in total)

  • If your college or university is close to home, it would help save money if you lived at home, however living in a dorm or with roommates off campus is a very remarkable experience that offers further independence.

  • Sometimes university course materials such as books may be too expensive to buy from your lectures, try purchasing books online or borrow the required book(s) and photocopy the material needed. If you go through your course advisory form, you will find a list of chapters that you will go through during the semester. It would be an economical decision to only photocopy the chapters required. Also the price of buying the book and photocopying it would save you a few bucks. (Photocopied materials should be for personal use only. Photocopying materials for the intended use other than for personal use is illegal)

  • Some of the course materials may be found in local bookstores where student discounts are available.

  • Not only are student discounts available in bookstores, but also in clothes outlets, boutiques, restaurants and salons. Be prepared to ask.

  • Most girls love to look their best before leaving the house. Instead of buying mounds of clothes, buy a few accessories instead. Accessories such as: belts, earrings, scarves and bangles, offer the same sort of zesty diversity that new outfits can offer and the plus side is that these items are easier and lighter to pack!

  • Having old clothes, may not be entirely bad, if you have got time to pass. Customizing old clothes by beading, bleaching, cutting or sewing them may not be such a bad idea.

  • A woman’s appearance is part of her charm and of course we’d all like to keep up our appearances, but of course not at the price of our piggy banks. Why not save yourselves the trip to your beautician and have one of your girlfriends give you a facial/ do your eyebrows/ do your nails, this could be a real bonding experience that could grow on you and your bank account. Another alternative would be to learn how to accomplish these tasks yourself.
  • Toiletries are another essential in the world of womanhood, try buying: pads/ tampons, lotions and creams in bulk. This might save you the mild embarrassment of taking a trip to your local seven- eleven at an awkward hour of the day.

  • Organize meetings with your girlfriends who are around the same size as you to swap and switch old clothes, one woman’s trash is another woman’s outfit for the night. (You will be amazed at what some people would throw away!) The remaining clothes may be donated to a local charity.

  • Having fun can be a priority for most university girls. For many of you who enjoy a good night out at a pub, there are many pubs that offer ‘ladies nights’, where drinks are free until a certain hour.

  • Creating a budget and sticking to it may not be as simple as it sounds. If possible try to open two bank accounts, one for spending and the other for necessities, such as bills and rent.

  • Chose bargaining at a local flea market or china town as an alternative to shopping at your regular mall. This will add variety to your routine.

  • Coupons are available in magazines and newspapers, if you are familiar with any of the brands, cut out the coupon and save it.

  • Chose taking public transport other than taxi’s once in a while.

  • Share cab fare or carpool.

  • Eating out can be one of those silent murderous expenses that go unnoticed, why not eat in once in a while or take turns cooking in between you and your other gal pals and get in touch with your feminine side!


Ciss said...

I like the suggestion to spruce up old clothes. Also having accessories would save a lot of packing.