Saturday, August 13, 2011

CELEBRITY JUNKIE By: Charlotte Makala

If you are finding the whole experience of stalking your celebrity crush not as lucrative as you thought it would be why not offer your services to the paparazzi clan?

Dear Celebrity Junkie,

You may not be aware that you are a celebrity junkie, but if you know more about Rihanna’s relationship details than you do the details of your best friend there’s a possible hint.

It’s not entirely your fault though C.J, in today’s world media is all about ‘celebritydom’, but we’ve become so entrenched and influenced by media that indeed being paparazzi can be a rewarding lifestyle.

Sure it’s great to get a heads up on what movie Will Smith chooses to star in next and to know that Justin Timberlake is now back in studios. But do we really need to know what he had for breakfast before he headed down to the studio?

Taking a huge interest in the lives of people we barely know is not going to benefit us in anyway. I’m not saying that you should stop reading ALL celebrity magazines and start gossiping among your friends about each other. I’m just saying, dear C. J that maybe the paparazzi takes it too far sometimes. I’m sure celebrities appreciate their fans but when was the last time you paid close attention to your own most intimate details?

I’m not trying to sell out the paparazzi, but just asking you to question whether it’s really worth it to know all the details about Heidi and Seal? Will it aid your life knowing the latest dirt on Paris Hilton? (Be honest C.J!)

Do you really need to spend 20 minutes googling Branegelina and Zanessa?

The next time you pick up a tabloid ready to delve into it, take a moment to think about what your own life is gaining. Dear C.J don’t let celebritydom take over completely.

Lots of love,

A semi-reformed Celebrity Junkie… sort of, kind of almost, maybe…


Ciss said...

I will try not to search Obama family :)everytime yahoo suggests it Nice post