Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Still dancing

We’ll wait till sunrise

To live the cost of tonight.

We’ll wait till sunrise,

To feel the residue of our actions

We’ll wait till sunrise,

So light can shed our hearts.

But if sunrise…

O if sunrise never comes,

Our hearts will be our bodies,

We’ll dance forever,

so naked, so freely,

And forget about our skin,

For in the darkness,

O in darkness, we can only feel.

We’ll lend our bodies to our hearts

And let the night be our joyous meal,

We’ll let our minds believe that the sun

Has drowned in the sea.

There’s no tomorrow so we’ll let ourselves just be.

When the dawn appears we’ll hope the sun is weakened

and we’ll pray that all the starts pay tribute to our memory .

Spreading love and all we shared across galaxies.

We’ll separate our bodies but know our hearts are still dancing,

Still dancing in the stars that light your evenings.

Tonight, the night after and all the nights you’ll never see.

And when the sun appears,

just know our hearts… are still beating, still dancing ( so freely, so naked, so unabashedly).