Saturday, August 13, 2011

DITCH THE DATE By: Charlotte Makala

Sometimes what might seem as a possible spark and a special connection just might be a thing of imagination and sadly at times the truth, in this case is only comes to light through a date. What do we do when the truth pops up during a date? Well two things mainly: we could physically escape or be honest and explain how we don’t feel the connection…

Then again I’, sure most of us, ladies are familiar with men who ’don’t quite understand’, or perhaps if they do, don’t agree with your feelings of disconnect and lack of spark. What would I do, you ask… I would act out a scene whereby he WOULD eventually ‘understand’.

For those of us who aren’t quite in the footsteps of Meryl Streep or Julia Roberts (or myself) and who know that acting is not our forte then here are some excuses that don’t need you to fake a phone call about your ‘dead cat’ or that ‘migraine’ that you spontaneously get.

  • You could go ahead and blab about your ex- boyfriend who can be real or made-up and mention just how great he was. Giving your ‘ditch- date’ the impression you are not ready to start dating because you are ‘clearly’ not over your ex.
  • You have a flight to catch in the morning so you can’t stay too long.
  • Mention that your husband is in jail and that he gets out soon. You didn’t mention it before because you thought he had signed the divorced papers.
  • Your housemate just texted while you were in the bathroom, your apartment locks just got changed last week, and your housemate is stuck in the house! Could you reschedule?
  • ‘Does this salad have olive oil in it?’ Oh no just so happens you are allergic and need to go home to get your anti-allergy medication.
  • There seems to be a black-out in your apartment and you need to go home and empty the fridge and ask if you could store some stuff at your neighbors’.
  • Your child’s baby sitter has texted and wants to leave in half an hour, you have to get home now!
  • Mention that you hope it’s not a problem that you did used to be a man.

If one of the above doesn’t seem to work you could try a combo… and if that doesn’t work use all of them simultaneously…


Ciss said...

prfunny :D
Black, out need to empty the fridge. Lol