Monday, February 14, 2011

(Thoughts from)ACROSS THE BORDER

THE FIRST ARCHIVES- A poetic journey into and through adolescence

(Thoughts from)ACROSS THE BORDER

You are an intruder

Who trespasses on to the borders of my thought

You allow me to be that someone I thought,

I could not.

I do wish I had met you sooner.

Our worldly tête-à-tête’s feel like first class seats across the galaxy.

I like you.

You are beautiful and like a dream.

I had tried fooling myself before,

Repeating over and over to myself how we were ‘just friends’

I know its more,

I catch myself rereading your texts and thinking how foolish I am.

‘Just wondering what you are up to and deleting unnecessary messages”

I would use an excuse. A failed attempt at persuading myself from the truth.

I have tripped,

Into the depths of the merciless ocean of affection.

Pretty soon I will drown.

It’s getting harder to breath.

I almost can’t feel myself.

It is a blissful ‘magicness’.

A feeling I can’t just stow away.

I don’t understand it,

But it understands me.

It is the fakest real thing I ever felt.

The time I have is not enough.

And the words I have insufficient

For me to explain hat this is.

You lift my soul.

You are an alien on my territory of thought

You are not invited yet welcome to stay.

You come and go. Each time nurturing the garden of my mind.

You’ve caused the dessert within me to bloom into lush greenery.

Beautiful intruder, where else do you go?

Which other gardens do you grow?

Charming trespasser won’t you let me know?

- Really don’t know if you can get anymore ‘teenage romance’ than this. I know exactly who I am referring to, I was just about to leave for college and suddenly I was falling in love. Yes, in love not infatuated or in-like.. . in love, the real deal ladies and gentlemen. We went out for almost nine months before it didn’t work out for us. Here is to -first loves! and to the year that was 2006! ~cheers!

( I find it very amusing, the ways in which I conjure up the occasion to toast and drink, when in reality.. I would drink and toast to most probably any old scenario ... ~cheers to that