Friday, February 18, 2011


THE FIRST ARCHIVES- A poetic journey into and through adolescence


They come in different shape and forms.

Blessings- they stay with you forever.

They clear the sky and the storms

Blessings- joy’s true endeavour .

Unable to control our fate

Perhaps able to manipulate destiny

Take or leave what’s on the plate

Let blessings bring out the best in me.

The fallen stars

That once one had aspired to reach.

Travelling back and forth like highway cars,

Sometimes leaving a tyre trail in efforts to teach.

It can come from people we see

It can forever or momentarily set one free

The mistakes made and the new growth that stems from it

They are life’s unseen puzzle piece that fit.

The power to overcome one’s biggest fears

The happiness that brings forth tears.

The empowerment to overcome pain

Blessings are gifts of nature,

In drought, the blessing would be rain.

- I remember writing this in the hospital, my aunt was having liver problemsand had been in surgery a few times already and here she was in the hospital again, turning yellow and sleeping al the time. I watched her fade in and out of her sleep and quietly pondered, hoped for a blessing.