Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A for Arusha

THE FIRST ARCHIVES- A poetic journey into and through adolescence

A for Arusha

A cold breeze blows across the land.

I yawn to the squealing of fattened pigs

and the incessant rooster

and the protesting squawks of chickens.

Newly walking kittens scurry about the porch

Bouncing and pouncing.

Breakfast is served.

Then a hearty meal of lunch.

Children go out and play.

My cousins and I get ready to go out today.

Released into the streets, street soldier for the day.

My heart races as I see faces and faces and faces.

Music plays from moving music carts,

Dogs roam and cats linger, crows hover.

Corn is roasted on the corner

Peanuts ar packaged and warm.

Vehicles circle around the roundabout noisily.

Babies cry, bus boys shout.

As I draw breath, the air is heavy with might.

Mischief is about as us girls allow for the taste of forbidden street food.

- This piece totally reminds me of margarine, ‘blue-band’ yummeh! It was the equivalent of butter that I would paste on my bread- and the bread in Tanzania was absolutely delicious. Blue band, is a national icon I think… Anyways enough about blue band and bread, I drool enough in my sleep as it is already. This is just a short piece that describes a day out with my cousins from my mum’s side. They lived in Arusha. I remember Arusha to be my favourite place because most of my cousins my age were there. I was always ‘not allowed’ to taste the food sold on the street so on this day I went for it and did not suffer diarrhoea or any digestive ails…so much for being the obedient daughter!