Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I’m trying to swallow my chewed-up life. Sometimes life is un-chewable and sometimes it’s too raw, but I’m always grateful even when my tongue is scarred, scorched or left alone and bitter, because each time my tongue is more exposed to different realities of taste and each time it explores sweetness again it tastes better than the time before.

The sweetness fills up the cracks and sores left along my tongues pores. Too much sweetness SOMETIMES hurts and SOMETIMES sweetness in moderation is sweetness truly tasted…

Life comes in all different flavours, in all sorts of combinations; bitter-sweet, sweet n sour, spicy n sweet, salty- bitter, and plenty other nameless ones: deliciously delicious, disgustingly- yuck, urgh and the other in-betweens…

All taste-able all experience-able, feelable flavours, unseen but felt like the wind, feedable to the senses and wonderfully unseen.

Give us today our daily bread and lead us not to temptation, for your bread is divine in all its flavours.