Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear hair, I'm still learning to love you...

Dear hair,

Thank you for being my canvas and surviving all the thousands of hairstyles. Thank you for framing my face and not looking bad… I’m sorry for not appreciating you sooner.. I’m still learning to.

I’m learning to forgive you for tormenting me and allowing me to be the centre of torment and harassing the combs when I was younger, for never swaying with the wind, for always tearing apart the combs… please hair, be patient with me. I want to love you.

Sorry for hating you and being of your natural appearance, sorry for perming you still and never giving your room to rest and feel the fresh air… sorry I’ve made you fall out a number of times especially that time. I thank you for not complaining when I decided to go bald and do away with you. Thank you hair for being thick and permeable, weavaeble, braidable, growable and all the in betweens… I am still learning and I want to thank you for continuously doing the same. xxxxx

Charlie cakes.

Some women with afro- Caribbean hair struggle with maintaining it, I am one of those women, this is my letter to my beloved hair…. I am learning to love my hair.