Saturday, May 7, 2011


I’ve always been the kind of person who is on a journey, always trying to find, refine, reinvent and create herself. It’s just my way of being. Sometimes I come across something and I’m forced to concentrate on what is going on at that moment instead of chase what could be. It is at these moments that I sometimes get the feeling ‘It’, I mean the whole purpose thing is not really about me, you or us. I think our purpose is bigger than us.

I ‘m not saying we shouldn’t keep trudging, marching, crawling and riding our way to our goals. As I pointed out before, part of the whole setting goals and reaching them practice is just the way we breathe and battle through life. But I am suggesting that while we deserve to do what we love , we should not expect to find ourselves entirely through doing only what we love.

Just as we deserve to love we shouldn’t expect to find our complete semblance of being in the people we chose to love.

I suppose that when you are fulfilling your purpose you feel like you’ve painted a portrait in the gallery of the cosmos, and somehow you become a miniscule part of the masterpiece and that one masterpiece unravels into a bigger picture and perhaps you’ll start to ponder if all you ever were was a pawn in a bigger scheme of things, just merely a delivery agent, delivering a parcel to the world. I suppose that could be the peak pedestal one could ever stumble upon or succumb to. If I think about it mankind was and is constantly being delivered boundless chances of what is possible for great generations and a magnificent future. I just think the next time that I rush unbound into another goal or close to it, I take a moment every now and then to step aside and remember: that it’s not all about me and notice the kaleidoscope of opportunities being offered via other people around me. I shall also take time to accept that my purpose may not solely lie in achieving the goals I set for myself, but might exist in the capabilities others see in me.